Bucks County Wineries

Bucks County Wine Trail – Before You Go

The Bucks County Wine Trail is thrilled to welcome visitors to our eight unique wineries! This tightly-knit group of family owned and operated agricultural businesses boasts hundreds of wines of all varieties. There is literally something for everyone to enjoy.

We receive questions from folks all the time related to our trail and scheduling a tour. The Bucks County Wine Trail is the nonprofit organization comprised of our eight member wineries. Every winery has its own operating hours, unique tasting experiences, applicable per person tasting fees and, in some cases, special events and on-site tours. There is not a trail-wide ticket available to tour all of the wineries. Instead, we invite guests to visit our wineries at their leisure. Many of the wineries can assist you in arranging a tour with a bus or travel company if you so desire. Please call the individual winery to request more information.

Before beginning an exciting adventure at our wineries in bucolic Bucks County, we would like to share some tips and insights to be sure our guests have the most enjoyable experience possible. Whether planning your first group tasting with friends, or a quiet afternoon with a loved one, there are some general things to expect and guidelines to follow:

Planning your trip:  With eight wineries on the Trail, time may not allow you to visit them all in one day. We recommend downloading the Official Bucks County Wine Trail Map and picking your route ahead of time. You may also want to hire a touring company to drive you.  Bucks County offers major tourist attractions, world class restaurants and many charming B&Bs, so consider an overnight stay.

Enjoying seasonal varieties:  Our wineries offer new releases throughout the year, so visit during different seasons. You can discover new wines and buy your favorites before they sell out.

Planning private / group tastings:  Please call ahead to the winery you are planning to visit if you are coming in a group or would like a private tasting or tour. Wineries need to staff appropriately to ensure everyone gets the attention they need. Tasting fees and offerings vary at each winery. Please ask ahead of time.

Bringing children on the Trail:  The tasting rooms are part of an adult experience that takes place on working farms, active processing facilities and busy parking lots. If you choose to bring children, you will be required to accompany them at all times.

Minding your alcohol intake:  Our wineries pour controlled amounts of wines for tasting. However, tasting at several wineries in close succession may cause one to unwittingly consume alcohol above the legal limit. If you intend to visit more than one winery in a day, we recommend you employ a designated driver or limit your wine consumption accordingly.

Enjoy responsibly:  The Bucks County Wine Trail wants you and your party to have fun and enjoy responsibly. Please remember you are visiting local, family-run farms, and inappropriate behavior is not tolerated.

Please email us at info@buckscountywinetrail.com with any additional questions.