Bucks County Wineries

Our Philosophy

The formation of a Bucks County Wine Trail was initially considered in 2003, with several Bucks County, Pennsylvania wineries pooling time, resources and ideas. We incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2004. Additional wineries opened in our county or joined, and today we are comprised of eight wineries.

Our official mission is ‚ÄúPromotion and education of Bucks County wines and wineries,‚ÄĚ but we are so much more. As family businesses all making wine in Bucks County, we realized that there are many reasons people love to visit wineries, and ways to make the experience even more memorable. We know that wine lovers often want to learn more about the region the grapes are grown in, meet the experts who can discuss the local heritage and nuances, and make visiting wineries a fun day, weekend getaway, or even part of a full vacation in our beautiful county. We all chose and love to work and live in Bucks County, and believe our guests catch our enthusiasm on their journey.

By working together, the Bucks County Wine Trail is able to plan events that involve the different wineries, offering our followers and newcomers alike an opportunity to travel along a trail of fun. The experience thus far has been rewarding for us, and for those who have chosen to walk the trail with us.